West U & Rice Village

Its nickname, “The Neighborhood City”, pretty much sums it up. West U is a bedroom community for the upper-class, named for its proximity to Rice University and known or its high quality of life. It’s also home to Rice Village, a harmonious mix of national chains and boutique shops.

Hanover Southampton

Hanover River Village

PERFECT FOR: The “career-type”, who trade nightlife for quality of life, appreciates a beautiful, quiet community, and values a convenient commute to several major job hubs.

PERKS & QUIRKS: Rice Village (300 shops in a 16-block area). West University Place is technically its own city within a city – mayor, police force, and all. And a whole lotta trees.

FUN FACT: The Marquis II is the ONLY bar within the West U city limits. And it still allows smoking.

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